[critical] position

                          New Orleans, Louisiana {http://world-according-to-me.blogspot.com/}

The urban city is a symbol of both permanence and proliferation. Our current societal values are showcased through the importance that we have placed on the horizontal axis– the street scape. While the city represents the activity of people, it is the street scape where people thrive. As world-wide sea levels rise over the next century, the horizontal axis will be challenged. Adaptation of societal values and the physical environment is necessary to sustain the urban [habit]at and has the capacity to revitalize the city while introducing the possibility of new, interesting typologies and connections of the urban environment with the rising ti[d]es. It is important that new design sensibilities emerge to allow the existing city to become inundated with ti{d}e {habit}ats or we risk being washed away.


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