Over the course of the next ten+ weeks, I will be researching future sea level rise around the world. This research will eventually lead to a design response. The method in which I will follow to lead me to this response will consist of three-phases of analysis, they are as follows:

  1. the city
    • Exploration of existing dense urban cities along a major waterway’s edge
      – population
      – economy of the water: ports of trade/delivery/shipment
      – local or surround ecology/ecosystems
    • Researching cities that are already adapting to or are threatened by rising water levels
      – Venice, Italy
      – New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Choosing a city to analyze for adaptation
  2. the water
    • Climate change over time
    • Approximate future sea level rise {date/year}
    • Analysis of lost land on horizontal axis
  3. transition
    Adaptation/Response strategies include or combine any of the following:

    • hard infrastructure- Levees, Bearing walls
    • soft infrastructure- Marshes, Wetlands, floating piers
    • evacuation/displacement- abandoning and re-colonizing elsewhere
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  1. Chuck Crawford said:

    looks good!

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