phase 001

001. the city

  • Exploration of existing dense urban cities along a major waterway’s edge
    – population
    – economy of the water: ports of trade/delivery/shipment
    – local or surround ecology/ecosystems
  • Researching cities that are already adapting to or are threatened by rising water levels
    – Venice, Italy
    – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Choosing a city to analyze for adaptation

Much of my phase 001 research to date has been exploring and collecting information on cities throughout the world as possible site locations for my eventual thesis intervention. Much of these explorations consist of case studies of model cities that are currently implementing adaptation strategies, sinking cities that have presently and historically been dealing with sea water related sinking or flooding and experimental cities that are candidates for my own personal intervention strategy.

model cities:
Holland, The Netherlands
Copenhagen, Denmark

sinking cities:
Venice, Italy
New Orleans, Louisiana

experimental cities:
London, England
Mumbai, India (Bombay)
New York, New York
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California

While the research information and case studies are abundant on each of these cities, I am still struggling with making a decision on which city I should purse to continue my thesis research. In an attempt to aid with this decision, I have considered entering one of these two (or possibly both) competitions relating to my thesis topic:


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